Modern Wicker Outdoor Furniture

When you think of modern furniture, wicker may not be the first thing to come to mind. In fact, when someone mentions “wicker,” you may think of your Great Aunt Delilah’s sunroom furniture from 1976. However, modern wicker furniture will make you think twice about your preconceptions of this type of furniture.

Wicker: The Basics

wicker outdoor furnitureWicker is not a particular material. Rather, it is a description of how it’s made—that is, it’s any type of furniture that is woven. Modern wicker outdoor furniture can be made out of any type of material, from rattan to synthetic fibres.

Wicker That Lasts

WGU Design carries wicker furniture that is the very definition of modern wicker. It is strong, as the frame is made of metal, and the woven portion is made to last. In fact, one of its best features it is maintenance-free. Water and sunlight can destroy traditional wicker, as it is made from materials like grasses and bamboo. Therefore, traditional wicker is not meant to stay outside on the patio for long periods of time. WGU Design only stocks wicker furniture made of modern materials, so you can set it outside and forget about it—until you want to use it, of course.

Pieces to Love

WGU Design has several lines of wicker. You can pick a comfortable sunchair from the Kingston collection. With its beautiful curved lines, you’ll love having friends over to enjoy the summer sun. Alternatively, try a lounge chair from our Breeze collection. These chairs are perfect for kicking back and enjoying a cuppa in the cool breeze of the morning or a nice glass of merlot to soothe your nerves at the end of the day.

With the dark tones of these pieces and the clean lines, your patio will be all modern, even with the use of an old furniture technique.

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