When you think of modern furniture, wicker may not be the first thing to come to mind. In fact, when someone mentions “wicker,” you may think of your Great Aunt Delilah’s sunroom furniture from 1976. However, modern wicker furniture will make you think twice about your preconceptions of this type of furniture. Wicker: The Basics

Birthdays always seem to be just around the corner. The question is, are you ready to surprise your special someone with a gift? Or maybe you just want to surprise your significant other with a gift to make up for a bad week in Perth. One of the most romantic gestures is finding a perfect

If you’ve bought a new home in Sydney, you need new designer furniture to fit the space. Finding the right dining room table can help set the tone for the rest of your common living space, especially if you have an open floor plan. These two tables are so versatile, they can fit nearly any

With a lot of occasions every year, you want an outdoor space for when you host your friends and family. Essentially, you want an outdoor area where everyone can gather for an after-dinner coffee, created from outdoor furniture pieces that will ship to Brisbane and nationwide. With a comfortable space, you can sit and talk

We all know that one person who it is impossible to buy presents for, which is especially difficult this time of year. However, if the person you love is wine aficionado, you’re in luck.  We’ve put together a list of home ware gifts that ship to Brisbane and nationwide and are sure to please even

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to create the perfect outdoor dining space for the soirees you’ll throw at your house. You can host your whole family or just have a few friends over for a holiday get-together. The outdoor furniture pieces we’ve included below are just what you need to

What is a Lounge Chair?

Saturday, 13 September 2014 by

  Imagine an elongated couch which typically resembles that of a chair – this is a “lounge chair.” It is designed to relax your body completely while stretching out allowing even ample space for your legs. In many ancient Greek paintings we can view gods and goddesses sitting on classic lounge chairs made of carved

What is teak furniture? They are furniture that is made from teak wood. What is teak wood? Teak wood is a tropical hardwood tree species called Tectona grandis. This comes from the family of Lamiaceae. Tectona grandis is a huge tree that is forever shedding its leaves and stands out in mixed hardwood forests. This

You probably heard about ottomans, but what is an ottoman? It is a type of furniture that is padded, upholstered seat or bench having neither back nor arms and is used as stool or footstool, or may be used as coffee table. Ottomans are sold as furniture that is in coordination with armchairs. An ottoman

Are you familiar with survey forms? There are a number of survey forms. In schools, children are taught how to fill up forms by giving them self-evaluation forms. School children have to check the box that comes closest to how they view themselves. There is one item in the self-evaluation form that says ‘Do I

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