Cane-line bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor

by Charmaine Layaoen / Sunday, 29 October 2017 / Published in Blog

Danish furniture success to launch its biggest collection yet:

Cane-line bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor



We are currently seeing a huge change in the way we live and furnish our homes. Cane-line’s 2017 collection is bang on trend, with flexible, multifunctional, comfortable furniture for outdoor areas both large and small. What sets this collection apart from previous years is that a great many of the new products have been designed for indoor use as well.

With the launch of its largest ever lifestyle collection, the Danish company Cane-line is taking the leap from being known as a supplier of quality garden furniture for the past 30 years to being a furniture store that sells furniture for the entire home – both inside and out. The new designs are rapidly developing. “When you buy a beautiful table of a quality as high as ours, it is actually quite crazy to pack it away for half the year. So, we have now produced a series of designs that visually match your décor, both inside and out, so the furniture can be used in more than one place. The design also has a younger feel to it, appealing to a different, urban lifestyle segment – those who want a few, good pieces of furniture, and who want to decide themselves how and where they use them,” explains Brian Djernes, CEO of Cane-line.

Three trends characterise the largest ever collection from Cane-line:


More and more people are moving to the cities, and this automatically means less room for large, spacious outdoor lounge areas. Cane-line has taken this trend on board and is launching a series of multifunctional furniture targeted at small areas. It features everything from the new, extra narrow Copenhagen chairs and side tables, which are easy to carry in and out, to lightweight, two-seater sofas, which can withstand being left out on the balcony all winter.


The distinction between indoor and outdoor space is becoming increasingly blurred as we move lounge furniture out onto the patio and natural materials inside. The Urban sofa by byKATO, Cane-line’s new design team, is a good example. It was originally designed to stand in the living room, but after a rethink of the materials, the sofa is ready to crank up the cosiness on the terrace with its soft, inviting look. In addition to Urban, Cane-line is launching two further brand new lounge ranges, Moments and Encore, by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. Like Urban, both are designed to match your décor, both inside and out. Additionally, the combination of new, textural materials such as wicker and cord and warm colours also narrows the contrast between indoor and outdoor design.


Cane-line offers you a whole universe that you can customise to your own style and needs. With the latest new products, the collection has been given a more youthful look, with more colours, more textural surfaces and exciting, new shapes. The style is unmistakably Scandinavian – simple and clean-cut – and Cane-line is now even more versatile when it comes to price.


Why Cane-line = garden furniture that lasts a lifetime # Cane-line strives to bring valuable space and comfort to your life – we call it “Life made comfortable”. It goes without saying that you will sit comfortably in our furniture, but space is also about time to enjoy the good moments in life in furniture that requires only a minimum of maintenance. The furniture in Cane-line’s outdoor collection is therefore UV-resistant, outdoor-friendly and easy to clean. # All materials are carefully selected and designed to withstand wind and weather – even the innovative SoftTouch, which feels like real upholstery fabric, can withstand sun, wind and rain. # Most of our outdoor cushions contain Cane-line’s patented QuickDry Foam, a fast-drying foam with a built-in drain that wicks water through the cushion and fabric, and ensures that your sofa is soon dry and ready for use – even after a shower of rain. World-renowned for high quality both indoors and out Cane-line is a Danish design company with a mission to make life more comfortable – and easier on the eye. We have been developing and manufacturing garden furniture for more than 30 years. We focus on producing extremely comfortable furniture and outstanding quality. In recent years, we have also moved inside, with a growing collection of indoor furniture.

Our quality furniture is currently sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. All our production methods respect the needs of people and the environment, from the choice of materials and working conditions to energy consumption, which is supported by the fact that Cane-line has achieved the coveted international certification SA8000 (Social accountability) and ISO14001 (environmental management).

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