Handy Pieces of Furniture: Occasional Chairs

Are you familiar with survey forms? There are a number of survey forms. In schools, children are taught how to fill up forms by giving them self-evaluation forms. School children have to check the box that comes closest to how they view themselves. There is one item in the self-evaluation form that says ‘Do I come prepared for class?’ The children are to check the box that is closest to their performance. There are columns that state – all the time, often, occasional, seldom and never.

All the time means the act of being prepared for school is done every single school day. For the column that says often – would mean that there are times the child is not prepared for school. For the heading that says occasional – this means that more times when the student is not prepared. For the label seldom – there are many more times when the child is not prepared and for never, the children does not go to school prepared even for a single day.

The word occasional usually appears in a number of survey forms and its definition would mean the act is done every once in a while. In the case of an item that is label as ‘occasional’ would mean the furniture or item is used only when needed.

occasionalchairsWhat then are an occasional chairs? One of the definitions of occasional chairs is that they are portable chairs or chairs that can be moved around easily. They are chairs that are not used all the time compared to the other chairs found in the room. These chairs are used only when there is an extra guest in the room. These type of chairs can easily float from one place to another.

Occasional chairs can be any type of chair. They can be chairs that are ornately carved and can be moved around the room to accommodate the extra guest. These chairs may be done on dark wood and wherever it is moved, it adds dark color to the room which gives it global style.

Another type of occasional chair is one that comes in transparent form. A transparent chair can be placed in the living room just waiting for the extra guest. This chair can be one with an armchair or one without the armchair. It is like a ghost chair. It is found in the living room, sometimes seen or used. This chair may serves as a chair for home or office desks, as an added dining chair or a dressing table chair when it is not being used in living room or the dining table.

Occasional chairs are extra chairs found in the living room – a ghost chair that takes up very little space and is the chair that provides a stand for a sheepskin’s throw.

There is this French flea market styled chair called Bergere chair which is also a good choice for an occasional chair. It may not be as light but can be picked up and moved from place to place whenever the occasion calls for it. It may be heavier than the average side chair. This type of chair has a wooden from. It may be placed anywhere around the piano or near other furniture.

A cane-backed Bergere chair may be a lighter version. This type of chair may be good physically and visually and may be used as a transition chair for a host or hostess. This may be used in the dining room or whenever it is needed in the living room.

When shopping for an occasional chair, the individual must consider the spot where this chair will be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom or office. This chair must be versatile enough to suit the various spaces in the home without it looking like furniture that does not match with the other furniture.

A French styled occasional chair could add elegance to the room. Should the individual plan to add an occasional chair in the room, frames and other décor may hung a higher to leave space for the chair.

In living room settings where one follows a color scheme, an occasional chair may also be of the same color scheme to unify the set. The chair may even be placed somewhere between the living room and the dining room.

For modern French-inspired living rooms, a portable Louis chair may float between the dining and the living room with ease.

Occasional chairs come in numerous styles and designs. One of them is called the Gehry Wiggle chair which serves as a corrugated conversational piece. Beside the way it is made, it also is a sculptural piece. This type of chair may be shown off to guests and talked about. The host may also talk about Gehry who designed it years before he made the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Seat covers may also be made for your occasional chair to match the theme or color of the room the chair will be used. There may be rooms where the Chinese floral printsor rooms where the black and white prints would look good. The individual may have the same chair but with a different cover.

For the iconic Mid-century look, the Eames lounge chair would be a good choice since it is not bulky. With its small stature, it would also look good when used in the bedroom. This occasional chair may be used as a side chair and can also serve a one of the dining chairs. This Eames lounge chair is light weight and can easily be moved around.

indoor occasional chairOther occasional chairs may be used as a storage space for books also known as a bookshelf when it is not needed for seating needs in the living room, dining room or bedroom.

A white Panton S Chair is a very good choice for occasional chair. It not only is lightweight, its height is suited for the dining table and can therefore be used as a dining chair. It can also be utilized as a desk. With white, this chair may be used almost anywhere in the house.

As we know, occasional chairs such as Wegner Sawhorse CH28 Chair is a furniture that can be shown off at all times. It can be moved from place to place.

In some places where décor and chair are constantly be changed, an inflatable chair could also serve as an occasional chair.

There is nothing better than to have a handy chair in the form of an occasional chair around. They may vary in make, design and weight. None the less, the chair is there for extra guests or for other purposes such as a desk chair, a desk, a living room chair, a dining chair and even a bookshelf. Occasional chairs are used for a variety of reasons. It is good to have an occasional chair on hand. You may get it from our furniture shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Our designer furniture are specially made to provide you with comfortable, versatile and handy furniture. We are not only after providing you with the best indoor and outdoor furniture but the sturdiest pieces you may hand down as heirloom pieces.

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