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4 Christmas Gifts to Buy for the Wine Aficionado in Your Life

We all know that one person who it is impossible to buy presents for, which is especially difficult this time of year. However, if the person you love is wine aficionado, you’re in luck.  We’ve put together a list of home ware gifts that ship to Brisbane and nationwide and are sure to please even the pickiest oenophile in your life.

1. Wine Thermometer

The best feature of this thermometer is it doesn’t require that you open the bottle. Instead, it fits around the neck and takes the temperature of the wine.  It has an easy-to-read digital dial, and it will stand up to a good deal of abuse. With this handy thermometer, wine can always be served at the perfect temperature.


2. Waiter’s Cork Screw and Vacuum Pump

This multipurpose kit serves a variety of purposes. It includes a corkscrew to open the bottle, as a rubberized wine stop and vacuum to preserve the wine for another day. It’s a great kit for someone who’s just getting started enjoying wine or for someone who’s been an oenophile for a lifetime.


3. Wine Decanter

This decanter is the perfect shape to air wine properly for optimum flavour. As an added bonus, it’s stylish enough to set out on the counter, but it’s also compact enough to put away in the cupboard. This decanter is apppropriate for anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine.


4. Stackable Glasses

If space is a consideration, than traditional wine glasses are not ideal. These glasses are designed to solve that problem, as they nestle within one another to save space. This gift is perfect for a new couple in their first (tiny) flat.


The next time you’re wondering what gift to buy for that impossible someone, look no further than the items on this list. One of these home ware items is sure to be a gift to please that special someone, and they are available to ship to Brisbane and other locations nationwide.

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Dining Room Dynamics – How to Arrange Your Dining Area

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Dining room is the easiest room to decorate. The main furniture pieces are a table, chairs, light fixture and food. Here are things to remember for the interior of your dining room:

  • The general rule in arranging dining furniture is that the table and chairs are in the middle of the room. Pick the perfect table size for your room and place it on the centre. There should be a space to walk around it, even with the chairs around. The dining table sets the tone, mood and environment for the entire room.
  • The back of the chair should be higher than the table surface.
  • The chandelier is the focal point of any room. Choose the right size and design for your dining area. A modest chandelier will make any table seem bigger. Be sure that the light fixture you will choose for the room will not obstruct any views across the table.
  • Sidepieces like drawers, buffet table or sideboard, hutch or console are good storage for dishes, linens and flatware and an additional space for food. It can also be used as placeholders for decorative accents and extra lighting fixtures like side lamps and candelabras.Scandinavian Furniture
  • A rug is optional, but if you are going to use one, be sure that it extends more than two feet or so away from the table. To find the right size rug, push the chairs out so that the front edges of the seats are about 12-inches away from the edge of the table.
  • A tall centrepiece gives a good focal point for the room if you are not using chandeliers.
  • If you have a small room, consider hanging big mirrors to increase the perception of space. Otherwise, any decorative pieces like paintings and urns, as well as curtains and drapes add character to the room.

Check out some examples of dining rooms:


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Finding the Right Table for Your Dining Space

If you’ve bought a new home in Sydney, you need new designer furniture to fit the space. Finding the right dining room table can help set the tone for the rest of your common living space, especially if you have an open floor plan. These two tables are so versatile, they can fit nearly any space.

Pure – Dining Table

This Pure table can be the centre of almost any dining room—the light grey finish will go with most décor. Don’t worry about the size, as it comes in three sizes, so it will fit in almost any dining room without being overwhelming. With the top cast in fibre concrete, the finished product is lightweight with modern lines. The long-wearing stainless steel frame will keep this piece in your home for many years to come.


Edge – Extension Table

edge dining

The beauty of this table is only surpassed by its versatility. With this table, you don’t have to choose a size, as it can be extended when you have guests over. That means you can push it together for everyday use, so it doesn’t take up as much room. Fully extended, it can sit up to 10 people. It’s made of stainless steel and high pressure laminate, both of which are hard-wearing, so these tables can be used indoors or out. Whichever way, it will keep up with your everyday life while resisting scratches and dents. The dark neutral tones pair will with many other colours, and the sleek, clean lines are stylish without being overbearing.

Either of these designer pieces of furniture would make a great centrepiece for your new home in Sydney. Even if you have been in your home for years, one of these tables can upgrade the style in your kitchen. If you want a new look for upcoming Christmas gatherings, you can’t go wrong with one of these tables.

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3 Must-Have Outdoor Furniture Pieces for Christmas Dining

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to create the perfect outdoor dining space for the soirees you’ll throw at your house. You can host your whole family or just have a few friends over for a holiday get-together. The outdoor furniture pieces we’ve included below are just what you need to create an inviting space you’ll love.

1. Core—Dining Table

outdoor furniture

The centerpiece to any outside dining space is, of course, the dining table. The Core Dining Table is perfect for any size space because it comes in three sizes, and one of them is sure to fit your needs. You can also customize the base to your color scheme with a lava grey or taupe frame. The tabletop is slated teak, while the frame is made of coated aluminum.


2. Core-Dining Chairs

outdoor furniture

To complete the dining set, you want a stylish chair that will keep your guests comfortable, and the Core Dining Chair fits the bill. It’s made of the same coated aluminum as the table, so it matches perfectly. The padded seat will keep your guests comfortable through several hours of conversation. These chairs come in grey and brown, so they’ll blend well with the Core table colors and the natural surroundings.


3. Scatter Cushions

 outdoor furniture

For added comfort and a pop of color, nothing beats an extra cushion for your outdoor furniture.  These Scatter Cushions come in several sizes, so you can use smaller ones for your chairs and larger ones for benches and outdoor sofas. You can go with a neutral tone like charcoal or bay brown, or you can make them stand out in a lush ocean-blue color, Aruba.

Even if you don’t want to throw parties for all your friends this holiday season, splurge on yourself. With outdoor furniture like a dining table, chairs, and cushions, you’ll have the perfect place to unwind after a hard day with a nice glass of wine.