When Design is a Statement of Lifestyle

by Charmaine Layaoen / Saturday, 02 June 2018 / Published in Blog

In the 2018 season, Cane-line will be adding new designs and expanding existing ranges. The whole collection meets the growing desire for outdoor furniture that conveys “Scandinavian Living”, bringing indoor comfort outside onto terraces and balconies and into gardens.

The Nordic lifestyle rings loud and clear in the array of new products from Cane-line for the 2018 season. Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD are the design duo behind the Peacock range. With their screening backs, the chairs for both dining and lounge areas make for an ambiance of comfortable grandeur. Grand proportions characterise the Mega range to an even greater degree. The range features both a lounge chair and sofa as well as a huge daybed with space for all the family. The range is designed by ByKATO, who also designed the new Level tables, which possess a simplicity and functionality conducive to personalisation of areas, indoors and out.  “The designs that 2018 has to offer might be bold, but the DNA is the same. It goes without saying that high quality and comfort as well as stylish design feature highly in all the new items,” explains Brian Djernes, CEO of Cane-line.



Simplicity allows room for manoeuvre The 2018 season also offers a new take on Cane-line classics, such as the Moments lounge, which is now available in modular form, and is joined by a dining chair in two versions. This year, the popular Diamond range will be launched in a new Nordic light grey, which conveys an exclusive look and is easy to maintain. The simple Less chair and the Pure tables will also be available in this colour. Finally, the season provides new accessories that add that final touch to the exterior design.  “This year’s common denominator is the Nordic lifestyle, which, by virtue of its simplicity, can be mixed and matched across the extensive range, where all series can be put together, regardless of colour and style,” says Brian Djernes.

When design becomes a lifestyle Seen in its entirety, the wide range of new products for the 2018 season is yet another step on Cane-line’s strategic journey.  “We’re on a never-ending quest, so development is just as much part of Cane-line’s DNA as our design is characterised by high quality and comfort in both its use and maintenance. We are constantly developing the collection of innovative designs and expanding into new countries and markets,” Brian Djernes explains, and continues:  “This development has also made Cane-line more than just a design house today. We increasingly represent a statement of lifestyle. Scandinavian Living has become something people all over the world strive to emulate. We’ve been seeing this in Europe for some time, and we are currently experiencing it big-time on the American market.”

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