Refreshingly simple and stackable Ocean Chairs by Cane-Line – WGU Design

Refreshingly simple and stackable Ocean Chairs by Cane-line -WGU Design

Good workmanship must be obvious. With its transparent silhouette and large-mesh weave pattern, Cane-line’s sophisticated, lightweight stacking chair, Ocean, lives up to a desire to make the workmanship evident.

Whether you use this chair on the patio or balcony, there is a very special easy-going delicacy about Cane-line’s newest stacking chair that puts focus squarely on the craftsmanship that went into making it. With back frame and armrests in durable aluminium, this classic chair envelops the body, while the sides and back in large-mesh, open-weave wickerwork have an airy effect that makes the chair seem surprisingly light and elegant.



The design is obviously the result of Cane-line’s successful new techniques and designing furniture in close cooperation with the master craftsmen who make the wickerwork. Cane-line has its own production facilities and is therefore in close contact with skilled craftsmen who have generations of wickerwork experience. Together we encourage and cultivate the craftsmen’s creativity.
The lightweight, fishnet-like weave pattern in Cane-line Soft Rope is complemented by two seat cushions with a design expression that is entirely new to Cane-line. The seat cushions are lightweight and fluffy like foam on the sea. They are so comfortable that you will want to remain seated in the chair long after dinner is over. Choose either Cane-line Natté or Cane-line Wove. Available in several warm, earthy colours.








Chair, Ocean

Design: Cane-line design team

Powder-coated aluminium, Cane-line Soft Rope and seat cushions in Cane-line Natté or Cane-line Wove.

Colours chair: Taupe or Grey

Colours, set of seat cushions: Dark burgundy, Dark brown, Grey or Taupe





Cane-line – Life made comfortable

For over 30 years, Cane-line has repeatedly pushed the boundaries in outdoor furniture. Cane-line has an innovative knack of combining materials and applying new technologies. Add Cane-line’s uncompromising approach to comfort and it is obvious why the Danish design company is one of the world’s leading producers of outdoor furniture and accessories. Cane-line produces the vast majority of its designs at its own factory in Indonesia. Cane-line’s approach and activities have earned the company several internationally recognised environmental certifications.  Cane-line believes that responsibilities for the environment and people always matter more than design and furniture production. 


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