Where nature meets modern living

The Sticks collection by Cane-line Design reimagines outdoor living with a captivating series of furniture and accessories. Inspired by the elegant simplicity of stick construction, this collection seamlessly blends natural charm with modern aesthetics.

Choose from two distinct finishes to complement your outdoor space: a warm teak finish that exudes organic warmth or a sleek aluminium finish that offers a contemporary edge. Each piece in the Sticks collection – from lounge chairs and sofas to dining tables and bar counters – showcases a unique and inviting design.

The collection’s versatility extends beyond aesthetics. Whether you envision a cozy lounge area for intimate gatherings or a functional outdoor kitchen for entertaining, the Sticks collection adapts to your needs. Thoughtfully crafted details like weather-resistant materials and comfortable cushions ensure both durability and comfort.

The Sticks collection is more than just furniture; it’s a lifestyle statement. By integrating natural elements with modern design principles, Cane-line has created a collection that transcends trends and complements a variety of outdoor settings.

Complete your outdoor space with the Sticks collection and create an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation, conversation, and connection with nature.

  • STICKS 2 Seater Sofa - Cane-line Outdoor Collection - WGU Design


    2 Seater Sofa

    from $6,395.00
  • STICKS Armchair - Cane-line Outdoor Collection - WGU Design



    from $1,570.00
  • STICKS Bench - Cane-line Outdoor Collection - WGU Design



    from $1,805.00
  • STICKS Dining Table - Cane-line Outdoor Collection - WGU Design


    Dining Table

    from $8,705.00
  • STICKS Lounge Chair - Cane-line Outdoor Collection - WGU Design


    Lounge Chair

    from $3,365.00