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WGU Design Homewares for Special Gifts

Birthdays always seem to be just around the corner. The question is, are you ready to surprise your special someone with a gift? Or maybe you just want to surprise your significant other with a gift to make up for a bad week in Perth. One of the most romantic gestures is finding a perfect homeware piece to brighten up a dark corner of a room. Your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness, especially if you take one of the suggestions below.

Bookends for Booklovers 

Does your loved one always have her nose stuck in a book? Is your hubbie a certified bookworm? Bookends may not seem like a romantic gift, but they show you pay attention to what your partner likes. Try the statement-making Knowledge in the Brain Bookend for your new boyfriend or present the minimalist Book Binder Bookend to your wife.


Candleholders for the Romantics

Flames and passion are the heart of romance, so candleholders are a great gift for the romantics in your life. From the soft curves of the Fire Hurricane Candleholder to bold lines of the Chunk Candleholder, you’re sure to find one that your partner will love. For a more modern approach, try the sleek Double Candleholder.


A Place for Everything for the Organizers

Everyone knows one—one of those people who organizes everything, from the household socks to your schedule for next week. If your loved one enjoys making your home tidy, consider an organizer as a gift. For instance, the Norm Felt Panels put everything in the proper place, providing a spot to stick letters, pin pictures, and check the time all in one convenient, stylish location. You can also mix and match the panels you want to create the perfect gift.


Keep the romance alive in your relationship by finding the perfect gift for any time of the year. Whether it’s your partner’s birthday or you just want to say “I Love You,” let one of these unique pieces do the romancing for you as you take your loved one out for a lovely evening in Perth.