The Strong and Durable Teak Outdoor Furniture

What is teak furniture? They are furniture that is made from teak wood. What is teak wood? Teak wood is a tropical hardwood tree species called Tectona grandis. This comes from the family of Lamiaceae. Tectona grandis is a huge tree that is forever shedding its leaves and stands out in mixed hardwood forests. This tree has small, sweet-smelling flowers with papery leaves that are usually hairy on the lower surface and is sometimes known as “Burmese Teak”.

The teak wood smells like leather when it is freshly milled. Its timber is valued for durability and water resistance and is used for building boats, furniture, outside construction, veneer, carving and other small wood projects. It is found in the south and Southeast Asia particularly in Burma now known as Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand but is cultivated in many countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Burma or Myanmar has about one third of the world’s total teak production.

The teak is a huge, deciduous tree that grows as tall as 40 meters or 131 feet. It has gray to grayish brown leaves. It has sweet smelling flowers are carried on 25-40 cm long by 30 cm wide panicles during the months of June to August.

Tectona grandis- teak- is one of the three species of genus tectona. The other two species T. hamiltoniana and T. philippinensis are regularly found in small native distributions in Myanmar and the Philippines respectively. Tectona grandis’ is originally grown in India, Myanmar, Indonesia, northern Thailand and northwestern Laos. It is found in a number of habitats and climatic conditions from dry areas with only about 500 mm of rain per year to wet forests with up to 5,000 mm rain per year. The teak grows in areas where the average rainfall is 1,250-1,650 mm with a dry season of three to five months.


The natural oils found in teak are useful in locations that are exposed which make their timber termite and pest resistant. It is durable even when it is not treated with varnish or oils. It is commercially grown in plantations found in Indonesia and is commercially harvested and controlled by the state owned forest enterprise called PerumPerhutani. Most of the world’s teak is exported by Indonesia and Myanmar. There is also a fast growing plantation in Costa Rica and South America.

Teak is a yellowish brown wood with texture and good grain. It is useful material for the making of both indoor and outdoor furniture. With its high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain, teak is really suitable material for outdoor furniture. As time passes, teak matures into a silvery-grey finish when it is exposed to sunlight. It is used for the production of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other items where weather resistance is needed. It is also used in making cutting boards, indoor flooring, counter tops and veneer for furnishings indoor. It resists termite attacks.

Teak wood is considered by outdoor furniture makers and ship builders as the most durable, versatile and valuable hard wood. It contains a sand-like component that is known as silica which makes it resistant to fungal decay, rotting, warping, shrinking and swelling.

Being more expensive compared to other types of wood, teak furniture has become a status symbol. It is used to make benches, chairs or tables that could last a good 70 years out in the elements. Teak outdoor furniture like this is usually passed on to future generations as an heirloom.

Teak outdoor furniture like benches are ideal for use in commercial establishments because of its strength, durability and natural resistance to termites and decay. Teak furniture like chaise loungers are good to use under the sun since it will not get hot like their metal counterparts. It is heavy wood and these loungers will need two or more wheels to move them from place to place.

Since teak wood can withstand outdoor climate all year round, it is one of the choice wood for outdoor furniture. In places where individuals love to dine outdoors, teak outdoor tables and dining sets are recommended. These furniture may be used in gardens, backyards, patios, pool yards, deck areas and sun rooms. Teak wood is excellent material for outdoor furniture since it will not break down when exposed to the sun like plastics. It’s lighter and cooler than iron and will not easily bend or break like tubular metals.

Teak is also used for outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs or Muskoka chairs. These chairs have high backs with contoured seats and arm rests that are wide. The arm rests are so wide that there is enough room for food and beverages while reclining even without a table. This makes them very popular for outdoor cafes and bistro because this type of furniture offers customers a seat and a small place for food even without a table.

outdoor furnitureTeak may be used as table tops where teak slats are hand selected and paired with a frame of conical pipes in powder coated aluminum. Here is a table that looks light but is strong and sturdy. Teak slats are of the highest FSC certified teak. This is one of the teak outdoor furniture offered by this special designer furniture store in Melbourne, Australia.

There are three grades of teak wood. Grade “A” is the mature inner part of the tree trunk with the hardest wood. It is tightly grained and is rich in natural oils. It is the most expensive. Grade “B” teak is the outer heartwood that is lighter in color with streaks of black and some small knots. This wood is more affordable when used to make designer outdoor furniture. Grade “C” is referred to as sapwood.It is very soft and is easily damaged; is very cheap and lacks quality.It does not have protective oils.

When purchasing designer outdoor furniture in Melbourne, one must not only look at the grade of the wood but must also consider its moisture content. The wood must undergo a drying process. The lesser the amount of moisture in the wood, the better the quality.

Buy your durable teak outdoor furniture from our designer furniture store in Melbourne.

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