The Comfortable and Versatile Ottoman

You probably heard about ottomans, but what is an ottoman? It is a type of furniture that is padded, upholstered seat or bench having neither back nor arms and is used as stool or footstool, or may be used as coffee table. Ottomans are sold as furniture that is in coordination with armchairs.

An ottoman is known as footstool, tuffet, hassock, or pouf. It is usually hollow and is used for storage. It may be used in other rooms besides the living room. Other designs of ottoman can be used in family room, guest room, gaming room or bedroom. An ottoman may be covered with leather or fabric and may be used as an alternative to a sofa.

The ottoman or ottomans were brought to Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. It appeared as early as 1729 in French. The first use in English was recorded in one of Thomas Jefferson’s memorandum books from 1789. It was in the Ottoman Empire when the ottoman was the central piece of family seating and had cushions piled on it. Then it was first designed as a piece of fitted furniture in Europe. This furniture was wrapped around the three walls of a room. Later, smaller pieces of ottoman were made to fit into the corner of a room.

In the 19th century, ottomans were made on the circular or octagon shape with seating divided in the center by arms.

When scouting for furniture, bench ottomans were rarely thought off. It was only considered as an afterthought. Honestly, a number of furniture styles are done with the comfort provided by Ottomans. When using this type of furniture, the first thing that is noticed is the simplicity of the furniture. However, that are various kinds of furniture that are done by Ottoman besides the bench ottomans. A number of people have a variety of taste but each ottoman has a unique touch that may appeal to certain individuals.

Bench ottomans have recently become popular mainly because they are durable, comfortable, simple and safe for children.

Families with little children pay more attention to living room furniture that is safe for children playing inside the house. Individuals now try to make time to spend with the family inviting friends to come over to their homes and because there are a number of guests, ottoman benches come in handy – people can sit around the table without having to add more chairs while enjoying the comfort of their seats and the company of guests.

An important feature of the ottoman is that it can be moved and used as storage. This furniture may be moved around the house and the individual may sit wherever she or he pleases. This furniture can also be used outdoors where the individuals may enjoy time together with friends and the family.

With a wide variety of ottoman benches that appeal to individuals, there also are various sizes to choose from. Clients may choose how they would want to use this furniture. Huge pieces of ottoman may be used as coffee tables. Since ottomans come in a number of shapes, pieces may be done for wherever individuals wish to put them.

Comfortable and Versatile Ottoman

This furniture shop in Melbourne, Australia has ottomans. The Divine footstool/ottoman is a hand-made product with a unique fabric in selected polypropylene which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric used for covering is done by crochet technique. Crochet is done using a crochet hook by one person and it usually takes a number of days of concentrated work. This Divine ottoman/footstool’s pattern on top is an experience in itself and may be used indoor or outdoor. The ottoman has multiple functions such as a decorative piece or an extra seat for guests. Cleaning of this ottoman is easy.

Ottomans are also used in outdoor cafes and restaurants. They may serve as extra seats and may also be used as coffee tables. Ottoman benches may be used as seats around the table for customers. Smaller versions of ottomans may be used in corners to provide extra seats for customers.

In homes, ottomans may be used together with sofas and used as footstools or storage for children’s toys, magazines, albums, and cushions. They may also be placed in bedrooms and dens and used for storage.

In most homes, ottomans may be covered with leather, fabric or vinyl. They are safe furniture especially in places where the children love to play. They are also good storage furniture for toys.

Ottomans may also be found in areas where individuals usually rest. They are used as footstools. They are found in living rooms, gaming rooms and the pool side.

Ottomans are versatile furniture pieces that originated from traditional Turkish furniture and are used as accessories when combined with armchairs and sofas. With a number of styles and sizes available, it can be difficult to know where to put them when adding it to the room.

A classic ottoman is in the form of a cube. This can be placed beside a large piece of furniture such as a coffee table. This cube works best in a traditional setting. Should you wish to use an ottoman with a sofa or a coffee table, look for ottomans done in bright vibrant fabrics to add life to your home décor.

Ottomans may also be used to substitute for a furniture piece you already have in the living room. You may use it to substitute for a coffee table.

Large rectangular shaped ottomans may be used as the centerpiece of a set or a corner unit. It not only is a decorative piece but may be used to provide seats for an impromptu gathering.

Ottomans come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are also furniture pieces that provide comfort and style to a living room. Before purchasing one, make sure you get to look at a variety of ottomans before making the final decision. For beauty’s sake, it would be best if you contract the services of an interior designer who can help you pick out a fabric and design that will be good for the room.

Ottomans are indeed comfortable and versatile furniture because of its many uses.

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