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Peacock Lounge and Dining Chairs


Shielded in grand style

Like a magnificent feathered tail, the back of the Peacock chair shields its occupant from the outside world, creating the feeling of being snuggly cocooned. For both the lounge furniture and the dining furniture, the new design is available in both a clear blue and a new Scandinavian light grey colour.

Cane-line is launching the sculptural Peacock range for both lounge and dining areas. The design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD wanted to create a large chair with a shielding back and with space to curl your feet up under you. The lounge chair is the natural focal point of the range. Dining chairs are already part of the range.

While the dining chairs have an aluminium frame, the cocooning lounge chair has teak legs that add warmth and character to the furniture. Specially designed seat cushions underscore the reference to the peacock’s tail and make the chairs comfortable to sit in. Foersom & HiortLorenzen MDD have, as always, created a design in which the weaving method creates contrast. Two-toned weaving amplifies this effect in shades of blue or light grey.

The lounge chair has both a size and a character worthy of the space and visibility it demands. The distinctive shell that forms the back of both the lounge and dining chairs makes the furniture comfortable to sit in for long periods. Sleek by design, the dining chair goes with all the tables in the Cane-line collection and is also stackable.

The Breeze Lounge Chair and Breeze Dining Chair are also available.